Graham Zimmerman and Mark Allen at Ruth Gorge Base Camp with the Gri Gri Boys ; Mas, Nagato, and Caz (left to right)
April 13th, 11PM
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It's been snowing every day here and has left over a meter of snow since we returned to camp on the 7th. So we've been tent-bound and waiting for the weather to clear. Today we received word that forecasts for the gorge are for precipitation to abate a bit Thursday. The forecast after that does not look positive as a storm is approaching from the West with high winds and lots of precipitation. Unless the weather circumstances improve, the snow will encumber our chances of climbing during our remaining days and we will fly out Thursday while the visibility permits it. The good news is that we've run into the Giri-Giri Boys, a group of Japanese climbers who have been pretty accomplished here in the past. We're the only two parties in the Gorge right now, so tonight we're going over to party with them in tent city.

Mark Allen (south paw) in Tent City day 7 drawing the topo for Vitalogy~Graham Zimmerman

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  1. So if the weather is bad... and I'm the one who forcasted that it would be bad... does that make the bad weather my fault? And if it is, I'm really really sorry. I'll try to forcast bluebird next time you call!