April 10th, 11PM
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A quick glimpse of the East Face of Dickey thwarted by weather during our 5 days storm that brought 2 meters of snow that temporarily shut down the 2010 season this spring~ Photo Mark Allen

It's April 10th and Graham and I are all packed up, everything's repaired. We spent the last several days repairing our body's and equipment; eating a bunch of food and getting ready to go. We spent several hours repairing our Black Diamond First Light tent after the ravens opened our gear duffel and pulled it out shredding one of the walls in the process, all while we slept this morning.

We'll be aiming for link up of SE face and the South face of Mt. Huntington. We're planning on being out for 4-5 days, and just got word that we're going to have some bad weather: Precipitation up to about 10" of snow next 48 hours ( Sun/Mon ) so we're just going to stay here until Tuesday morning and then head out of camp then. We'll give you guys an update on Tuesday and then we'll use our remaining time to tackle the link-up on Huntington. We're super pumped, and we'll talk to you soon.

Pair of Mono point crampons with the classic dolphin nose after 29 pitches of mixed climbing. 
~Photo Graham Zimmerman

A roached Black Diamond pick after dragging for placements. 
~Photo Graham Zimmerman 

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